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Mackevision did some pretty incredible visual effects work for Game of Thrones season 4. Impressive, blockbuster detail for a regular TV series.


Awesome optical illusion from French juggler Lindzee.

Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney

Brilliantly written, heart-wrenching story by NYT’s Ron Suskind.

Then, a thought: Be Iago. What would Iago say? I push the puppet up from the covers. “So, Owen, how ya doin’?” I say, doing my best Gilbert Gottfried. “I mean, how does it feel to be you?!” I can see him turn toward Iago. It’s as if he is bumping into an old friend. “I’m not happy. I don’t have friends. I can’t understand what people say.” I have not heard this voice, natural and easy, with the traditional rhythm of common speech, since he was 2. I’m talking to my son for the first time in five years. Or Iago is.